Because I miss you and am having a lot of feels that need to go away but they won’t.

how dare you. on easter, of all times, tch.

-he reaches behind him to the pile that is mina’s many presents, breaking off an ear of a cadbury bunny to bring it to your mouth.-

calories make everything better. well, not my figure. but it’s the perfect antidote to bad feelings that need to fall off a ten story cliff. here.


Soulmate, I'm cooooooooold.

go have a wank, then. that’ll sure warm you up.

-tosses a blanket atop of you instead.-

drunkibum asked:
*sits in your lap and pouts into your chest*

….what have i said about the creases?

-sighs, an eye-roll following suit as he straightens out his shirt and sneaks his arms ‘round your middle.-

what’s that face for, boo? it’s easter. did you not get enough life ruining chocolate?

beenziontnt asked:
omooo you're theme is sooooo pretty.

as pretty as me, right?

thanks, darl. it’s all mine.

Anonymous asked:
im not trying to be rude or anything but are you gay?

how rude. what a preposterous question, how dare you ask such a thing.


ask my company, they’ll say i’m straighter than kim jonghyun’s backside. but in all honesty? if the dick fits, i’ll wear it.

i’m pansexual, it’s close enough.

taemin-nsc replied to your post

oh look, my jailbait.

-flops ontop of you like deadweight.-

isn’t it that time of the night where you find my pants and put me to bed, taem?

You can be my big spoon.

as long as i get full recommendation of being the best big spoon to ever spoon, you have a deal.

kkeybum asked:
-casually not so casually kicks at your shins-



Kim Kibum.

I’m also the visual. Did you forget that, Bummie?


Stop going around spreading lies and cut the “face face visual” bull shit.

what was that? sorry?

i couldn’t hear you over my contracts with cosmopolitan, not to mention my million dollar reality show where my wife says i’m the most handsome man to ever ask for her hand.

kkeybum asked:
-casually not so casually kicks at your shins-


Kim Kibum.

…choi minho.

shrink a little.

it’s not fair that you get the title of tallest and main rapper. stop wearing insoles.